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Oxyle named winner of 2023 Public Value Award


Hydrocat info page

Mikroverunreinigungungen in Luft auflösen

4 Up-and-coming Projects We Discovered at Industry Day

September 8

ETH Industry Day

September 7

Female Innovation Forum 2022 by Ladies Drive – Startup Accelerator and Award Night

August 19

Über das FIF

August 19

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June 16

SEF.WomenAward 2022 | Highlights

April 2

SEF.WomenAward | 2022 | Fajer Mushtaq

April 1

An innovative catalyst makes wastewater hormones harmless

March 6

Impact Circle Event – Oxyle

February 24

What’s new since the Awards? Previous winner Oxyle

February 22

Impact Clip: Oxyle

January 17


AIT India 2021: 20 Swiss and Indian entrepreneurs advance their research with international support

December 13

Venture Leaders Deeptech 2021: Captain’s blog by Oxyle CEO Fajer Mushtaq

December 8

Swiss inventions get recognition home and away

December 7

Frontier Stage – Day 2 – 3rd December

December 3

Oxyle won: 2nd Prize for the Global Challenge & the Best Energy and Environment company award

December 2

Meet Oxyle co-founder Fajer Mushtaq—a Venture Leader Deeptech who provides efficient and sustainable water treatment

November 15

Clean water everywhere and for everyone

Oktober 1

Pioneers Stage – Day 1 – 2nd December

December 2

Oxyle raises CHF 3.2M in non-dilutive funding to further develop its catalytic oxidation technology for efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment

June 29

The winners of the SEIF Awards Tech for Impact 2021 are revealed!

June 14

SEIF Awards honour four impact-driven startups

June 11

SEIF Awards Ceremony 2021 – Tech for Impact

June 10


Podcast – How to Solve a Global Challenge in an Easy, Affordable, Innovative and Efficient Way?

December 2

How to Solve a Global Challenge in an Easy, Affordable, Innovative, and Efficient Way?

December 2

Oxyle 1st place Industrials & Engineering and Grand Prize Winner

July 7

Oxyle wins the Grand Prize at >>venture>>

June 23

Let us change the way we treat our water

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