Universal treatment for removal of micropollutants from water

We have developed a unique technology that offers complete removal and real-time monitoring of a wide range of micropollutants in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Using our novel approach, pollutants are completely and truly eliminated as means of destruction, instead of transferring them to a secondary phase as with filtration or absorption.

Nanoporous catalysts activated by clean energy

We have developed a range of catalysts that are activated by clean and scalable energy sources for oxidation and subsequent mineralization of micropollutants, non-selectively. Our patented catalysts are not only self-cleaning, mechanically robust and chemically resistant, but also fully recyclable. No matter what application or industry our catalysts serve, their size and shape can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Real-time monitoring of micropollutants

Right now, if you want to know the concentration of micropollutants in your water or verify if your treatment is working, you must wait for a few days, if not weeks, to get this data from a lab. We believe that empowering our customers with real-time data is the best way to create transparency, build trust, and protect the health of our environment against micropollutants. With the help of proprietary machine learning models and use of novel inline sensors we remotely monitor concentration of various micropollutants, in real-time. We provide real-time feedback for control and optimisation of treatment parameters and ensure that when we discharge water it meets the highest water quality standards, every single time.

What is

our novelty?

We are unique in our overall approach to solve global water contamination crisis. We have developed highly scalable and cost-effective means to activate our novel catalyst that destroys all micropollutants and provide their concentrations in real-time.

Mechanical vibrations, bubbling, flow, stress, cavitation and light: all can activate our material. ​Once activated, energy source-induced surface polarizations are generated across all nanopores of our catalyst.​ These transient surface charges split water and oxygen to form radicals.​ The highly nanoporous catalyst surface area provides billions of radical production sites.​ Radicals such as the hydroxyl radicals degrade organic pollutants, non-selectively.

Our technology implementation

Wastewater generated from industrial production streams, households, hospitals or contaminated groundwater is treated by our modular plug-and-play reactors. Our decentralised reactors, which are readily adapted to your individual needs, can be easily connected to your wastewater system on-site for decentralised treatment. By working with us our customers benefit from a technology that is fully automated, easy to use, has low maintenance, and low capital investment needs

Our value propositions

Our sustainable technology employs clean energy sources, does not produce secondary waste in the cleaning process, delivers cost-effective treatment while providing real-time water quality monitoring data to our customers. With our novel technology we will provide regulatory relief to various customer segments such as chemical industries, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies. Here are some of our USPs, which distinguish our technology:


High micropollutant removal

Our novel cleaning material is a highly specialized catalyst that effectively targets persistent pollutants from wastewater.


Eco-friendly and clean energy

We use clean energy and sustainable materials. Zero waste is produced during treatment. We eliminate wastewater incineration and reduce CO2 emissions.


Cost-effective cleaning

Our treatment is cost-effective than existing methods and significantly reduces operational costs. Our catalytic enjoys a long cleaning lifespan.


Easy & safe to use

Our fully-automated technology is easy to use and employs safe handling practices.


Sustainable image for costumers

Don't just talk about sustainability, become an active part of it yourself. By working with us, you can help make other industries aware of our technology. In addition, customers benefit from a reduction of their blue water consumption due to the reusage of the treated wastewater.


Regulatory relief

Our customers will enjoy regulatory relief by meeting their strict discharge limits today and in the coming future, ensuring business continuity for our customers.


Real-time water monitoring

With the help of our unique technology, the water purification process can be easily checked at any time. The corresponding figures and results remain directly visible for our customers at all times.


Business continuity

By using our treatments our customers will have the peace of mind to continue their operations as planned. They will comply with not only the existing regulations but also the stringent regulations coming in the future.


Reduce blue water consumption

Our customers will be able to reuse treated wastewater and hence, improve on their water consumption metric, specially in water scarce areas.


What is unique about Oxyle’s technology?

Our Advanced Oxidation Treatment uses a nanoporous catalyst to generate OH radicals for complete micropollutant destruction. The process is non-selective and suitable for high as well as low micropollutant concentrations. The catalytic material is activated by clean energy sources and hence, is a scalable, safe, and sustainable solution with no chemical by-products and low maintenance costs.

What are the advantages of Oxyle’s wastewater treatment compared to existing technologies?

Our solution combines high adaptability, sustainability, and low maintenance costs. It is non-selective in micropollutant destruction, uses clean energy sources and does not require chemical by-products or create secondary waste. The unique cutting-edge real-time monitoring ensures regulatory relief and sustainable image for the customers as high quality of discharge is always guaranteed.

What analysis methods does Oxyle use to quantify micropollutants?

We provide deep water analytics in house, based on cutting-edge technology like liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry for micropollutant quantification. Thus, we are well equipped with state-of-the-art high-resolution instruments for target and non-target micropollutant screening.

What are the main technical benefits of Oxyle’s real-time water quality monitoring offering versus other providers?

If you rely on external laboratory results to verify whenever your treatment is working, you must wait for days, if not weeks, to get the data. Our novel real-time monitoring of micropollutants (a unique offering in the market)allows us to provide real-time feedback and instant quality checks so that only high-quality effluents are discharged. Thus, we can tailor and adjust the treatment performance with high accuracy to minimize energy consumption, create transparency, build trust, and avoid regulatory risks.

Against which micropollutants and in what concentrations is Oxyle’s technology effective for?

Our treatment is destructive for all kinds of organic micropollutants non-selectively and is very effective from very low (ng/l) to very high (100‘s of mg/l) micropollutant concentrations.

I would like to test your technology on our wastewater – what would be the next steps?

We are happy to test your wastewater to provide details about the water parameters and consult with you on the possible treatment options. We can run lab trials on your effluent with a short turn-around time. Please reach out to mail(at)oxyle.ch or under +41 44 244 37 51.

How does Oxyle's treatment work together with classical wastewater treatment? What is required and can the technology be integrated with existing treatment trains?

Our technology is typically a polishing treatment step at the end of your wastewater treatment. Our plug and play reactors can be combined with existing treatment trains such as biological, filtration and further depending on the wastewater specifications. Our technology is designed to treat micropollutants with high efficiency, thus a pretreatment reducing high BOD, TSS might be necessary. We are happy to consult you on the best partner technologies in case pre-treatment is required.

What is the technology implementation costs?

Our technology is easily adaptable such that we can help you to reduce infrastructure and operating costs.Oxyle’s technology implementation cost will vary with the project setup and treatment necessity. Please reach out to us, we are happy to advise you on your individual needs.

What is Oxyle’s vision for the future of the wastewater sector?

Our objective is to be water experts for solving micropollutant crisis using novel treatments and monitoringsolutions. Our mission is to protect our precious bodies of water as well as the health of humans and our ecosystems from the negative impacts of highly persistent, mobile, and toxic micropollutants. To solve this global pollution problem in a sustainable manner, we provide decentralized treatment systems that eliminate micropollutants at their sources in a scalable, efficient, and safe way, while providing our customers with treatment data in real-time.

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